Megan Stevens of  Stevens Realty gives an insight into a few reasons why Stevens revealed to be great property management for a great property.


Reasons Why Stevens Realty is a Great Property Management Company For You:

1. Communication

The first thing is communication by documenting everything and being as transparent as possible. We’re able to easily access any kind of documentation from tenants to be able to let you know any kind of communication or issues that might have ever raised.

2. Software

The second one is our software. The software that we have in place for our long-term tenants is called Propertyware. In propertyware, we’re able to document any conversations that we might have attended any questions they might that might arise, and if they’re wanting to pay for the balance to do this through their portal and this is just kind of our main point of contact.

With tenant, we also have in place for our maintenance
the system is called PropertyMeld and through a PropertyMeld, it is quick and it’s efficient to be able to see work orders that come through for tenants. We see it as two entities that quickly do the task and we’re able to assign into vendors to be able to get issues resolved in a very timely manner.

3. Timeliness

Our third point in place is our timeliness. Our timeliness, we have procedures put in place and we have systems that we follow that can create a quick and timely response for any issues that might arise. This comes with evictions, with tenants moving out and tenants moving in; also do with advertising your property.

At Stevens Realty, we deliver comprehensive, quality, and trustworthy property management and rental services in Chattanooga, TN.