As a landlord, you don’t make money if your property remains vacant, it is damaged, or your tenant does not pay. A problematic tenant can cause you a variety of issues, like not paying rent on time, causing damage to property, not complying with your pet policy, or refusing to evict. Chasing tenants for late payments can be stressful, especially if you are a busy person with a family. As a landlord, renting to good renters is your ultimate goal. However, you can’t simply wait for the ideal client to walk and ask for an apartment tour. Savvy landlords can play defense by using a good tenant screening service from a credible property management company, like Stevens Realty. 

Tenant Screening

Be known of your tenant’s financial situation from the beginning 

Tenant screening report by the experts at Stevens Realty examines the financial and rental pasts of the prospective clients including credit checks, income, evictions, and even criminal backgrounds. The landlord can remain confident of the tenant’s ability to fulfill their rental and other tenant responsibilities.

The screening report provides a good idea to the landlord about the past tendencies of the tenant, and their future reliability as a prospective renter. The screening report is created upon receiving consent from the tenant, which the landlord can review before deciding to offer a lease to the tenant.

A comprehensive tenant screening will help the landlord determine whether the potential tenant is suitable for the tenancy. You will know the tenant’s financial situation from the beginning, and how responsible they are with their money. 

Personalized, boutique-like approach

The personalized, boutique-like approach of Stevens Realty property management company in Nashville, Tennessee, ensures that you have all the perks of a national brand with a locally owned and operated property management. Stevens Realty can also help you with everyday property maintenance and tenant issues, such as:

The rigorous reference checks weed out tenants that are legal trouble, and help predict how a tenant is likely to act once settled in. The tenant screening process will ensure that your multi-unit property is full of people who are considerate, reliable, and financially responsible. 

Complete solutions to everyday rental property management issues

When you vet your potential renters, you increase your chances of finding tenants who will stay longer, rather than move out quickly. The company’s quick response team will repair any damage to your property immediately including emergency leakages and other issues, so that your property is restored to its pristine condition at the earliest. 

 As a trusted property management company in Nashville TN, Stevens Realty can take on the daily stresses of your commercial, residential, industrial, special purpose property, and investment real estate in Nashville. The trusted property management company adheres to local building codes and bylaws, while ensuring profitability, tenant occupancy, building upkeep, and a good reputation for the property owners. With Stevens Realty, landlords can have peace of mind knowing that their property is in good hands.


This market-driven pricing tool allows us the capability to open negotiations during their leasing process in real time. This also allows us to tap into what prospective renters are willing to pay and lease our rentals at a maximum profit in an unbiased and transparent manner. This helps us to identify the # of interested tenants for the rental and create a more competitive and fair rental process.


Stop chasing tenants to collect unpaid bills when they move out. Obligo provides full coverage up to our security deposit requirement – all funds are guaranteed. In the event of damage or missed rent, we are paid instantly by Obligo.