Featured Property Manager in Knoxville TN – William Baggett

This is William Bagget, A Property manager for Stevens Realty in Knoxville, TN in Q&A.


Hi! I’m William Baggett I’m the property manager for Stevens Realty at Knoxville Tennessee.

Q: William, What would you say your strongest suit is for management properties?
A: Construction. I’ve been a contractor for 30 years.

Q: How many properties would you say you manage?
A: About a hundred sixty properties right now and growing on.

Q: What is one thing that really sets you apart as a property manager over anything else?
A: My ability to assess a problem and having taking care of it, pm, vendor, and whoever that I need to do, or I can go up myself and take care of it

Q: Well, within many properties you got to have software that you use. What are some of the more helpful software that you use?
A: Our main software is PropertyWare and pretty much just gives us an overview of everything that we do of the property.

Q: Do you have any trouble whenever you have to have a big tenant? Do you ever have to do that?
A: Unfortunately, yes!

Q: Are you good and efficient at taking care of that?
A: Yes!

Q: And how about your wife, she’s part of your team there in Knoxville. What are some of her stronger seeds?
A: She mainly takes care of the paperwork, the office most of the calls to the vendors, owners, and whatever that needed it.

Q: Do you have any particular houses that come to your mind when… what are your renovation that you’re the most proud of over anything else?

A: my Airbnb’s. It takes a lot of pride and not only do we do the construction of it every at least but dressing them up and keep the room clean and our tenants that are coming in I’ll make them happy.

Thank you for taking the time looking into the video. I look forward to managing your property for you.

Stevens Realty’s dedicated property manager can carry out some maintenance and refurbishing jobs to make sure that your property looks best at all times. We can take the prospective buyers or tenants around and make them see the worth of your property. Do please get in touch with us if you have any questions about our property management company in Knoxville, TN.