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Nashville TN Featured Property Manager – Jake Conley

My name is Jake Conley, property manager and real estate agent for Stevens Realty LLC. My family has lived in the Nashville, TN area for ten years now, and it’s been wonderful seeing the spiking growth in the market! Opportunity is literally around every corner. The future is bright. My vision is to reach and touch as many lives as possible each day; this goes for my personal life as well as my business. It’s extremely important for me to provide honesty and value to each and every person I meet through my business. I strive to make meaningful, positive…
Tornado Relief Fund

Cookeville-Putnam County Tornado Relief Fund

In the wee hours of March 3, 2020, a massive tornado struck Putnam County, Tennessee, unleashing what is now being called the worst disaster ever recorded in county history. Donate Here Since that moment, our community has seen... Miles of Devastation with a two-mile swath of our county literally crushed and littered with dangerous debris, gas leaks and live electrical lines on a rain-soaked ground. Unprecedented Loss including 19 lives; 92 injuries; dozens of homes; and hours or days without power, water or cell coverage. Valiant Search & Rescue from a well-prepared and dedicated team of local law enforcement, first…

Selecting From the Many Property Management in Cookeville TN

Sure enough, you will find quite a few Cookeville real estate agencies. There are plenty of properties too that are looking for the right tenant or buyer. There is going to be one that's right for you. You will just have to find it. We all need a place where we want to feel happy. It's our deep-rooted nature. What will it be a town home, condo, apartment, or that nice traditional home? Though there are many real estate agents in Cookeville, you will still want to be careful, as you will find some disappointed sellers, buyers, and investors too.…

7 Things to Know About Tenant Screening

Tenant screening is a must for landlords when they are about to put the house up on rent. The only way to protect your asset is by selecting the tenant carefully. The check is a great way to find out who will meet your requirement and who doesn't. With these checks, you can verify the identity as well as credit history. But there are several things you should know about tenant screening. Follow the rules The landlord-tenant act lets landlords do this, but there are rules to follow. But remember, there cannot be any discrimination based on religion, ethnicity/race, disability,…