Property Management Services Offered By Real Estate Agents in Cookeville TN

There are very few real estate agents in Cookeville, Tennessee, that are offering property management services at this time. That’s quite sad because this is one area that is very important for homeowners who want to maintain their properties and tenant efficiently. People are all so busy these days that nobody has the time to give this a lot of attention. This is where a professional can come in and that’s precisely what is happening in Cookeville TN now. There is at least one realty business that is offering professional property management services in the city.

What Constitutes Property Management Services?

Expert property management company are offering the following under their services:

  • Marketing & Advertising Program

There is no alternative to a comprehensive marketing plan. Real estate is a crowded marketplace with stiff competition. Qualified and targeted leads are crucial, whether a homeowner wants a new tenant or a developer wants to sell a unit. A marketing plan executed efficiently can bring in those leads. With a support team in place, such licensed real estate agents can help their customers much better.

  • Criminal Screening, Income and Credit Check

This service is very much important for homeowners who are looking for tenants. If you are a homeowner, you will certainly want to be sure about the person or the family who is to occupy your property. This is important not just for the safety of your property and for you, but also for you’re the neighborhood. There are some real estate agents in Cookeville that can verify the income so that you can be sure that you will get the rent on time. Criminal background checks are also conducted, as are credit checks.

  • Carrying Out Routine Inspections

Not all homeowners can carry out routine inspections, though this is very important because you need to be sure that the tenant is looking after the property adequately. There are some homeowners who might also be living in another city. There are a few Cookeville real estate agencies that can carry out such inspections. You will be provided regular updates and an immediate alert if there is a cause for worry. The agency can look for things such as the condition of air conditioners, water heaters, plumbing, and such others.

  • Rent Collection

This is another important area of property management services. Really good real estate agents in Cookeville that care about the wellbeing of the homeowners are able and willing to collect the rent on their behalf. This saves them a lot of time and hassle. Rent is always collected on time. Since this can be given to a professional service provider, the service is always prompt.

  • Maintenance Services

There are some real estate agents in Cookeville that are taking up the job of property maintenance and providing emergency services as well. These agencies have in-house maintenance people who inspect the property and provide these maintenance jobs with proper authorization from the owner. It is good for the tenant as well.

Stevens Realty in Cookeville TN provides these property management services and more. Check them out here. That’s why Stevens ranks among the best real estate agents in Cookeville.