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Owners Guide To Stevens Realty Simple Bills Utility Concierge Service

Stevens Realty Simple Bills Utility Concierge Service provides residents the ability to move right in after signing a lease without a single phone call to establish utilities or paying utility deposits. Every month, SimpleBills invoice collects directly from the resident, this way utility management made simple. Utilities are always remained on which reduces the time, headache, and costs associated with every vacancy. This takes utilities off your plate by effectively managing vacancies during the turning process and streamlining the monthly billing process for the residents.   Benefits: Reduce turn costs that can total $200/per vacancy Eliminate utility provider late fees…
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What You Need To Know: Tenant Simple Bills Utility

Stevens Realty Tenant Simple Bills Utility Concierge Service Tenant Simple Bills Utility Concierge Service is very easy to use, manage and understand. It is easy to set up the account and once you have it, it will definitely give you the kind of convenience that you need for an easy payment to your utility bills. Billing statement comes with a complete list of your utility service providers and you will receive up-to-date notifications to make sure you will not miss paying your bills on time. You will never have to worry about multiple due dates for your different bills.   Utility…

Stevens Realty – How To Do Self Showings?

This takes you through the Stevens Realty showing process and lets you know how we can safely allow our potential tenants to do the self showings.     Helpful Link: Tenant Application Pet Application Restricted Breed Policy for Pets Tenant Credit Reporting Tenant Utility and Maintenance   Browse through our extensive list of properties for rent. If you wish to learn further information about any property you desire, please feel free to get in touch with us at (931) 526-5188.
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Featured Property Manager in Cookeville TN – Scott Goodeon

Real estate companies now abound in Cookeville, but only a handful truly know how to manage Cookeville houses for rent. Only a few know how to help landlords effectively manage their property, market it efficiently, and look after it through maintenance services. Get to know Scott Goodeon, our property manager in Cookeville, TN.   Hi! I'm Scott Goodeon with Stevens Realty and the local property manager for the Cookeville area. In Cookeville, we take care of seven surrounding counties, consisting of over 400 properties. I've been a property manager since 1994 when I purchased my first rental property and…