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Build Your Credit By Paying Your
Rent On Time

Stevens Realty is now reporting rental payments. It may help valued tenants like you build, strengthen or rebuild your credit.

A Better Credit Score May Help You:

Here's How It Works:

FAQ: Tenant Credit Rental Payment Reporting

Stevens Realty found that reporting rental payment information to the credit bureaus in a manner similar to other financial obligations may have a positive effect on your credit. While scoring models vary, consumers who pay rent on-time will generally experience a neutral to positive change to their credit score. Late payments will likely see negative score movements. For those with limited credit activity, adding a lease to your credit file will allow you to obtain a score on many credit reports. Stevens Realty Tenant Credit Rental Payment reporting is a way to build your credit history.

Stevens Realty will structure all Tenant Credit rental lease accounts as “open” portfolio accounts. This approach captures the amounts of your last rent payment and your next payment due, and allows you to develop a payment pattern showing your monthly payment history.

As with other financial obligations, under the current law, Tenant Credit accounts will continue to be included on your credit report for seven years after the lease is terminated.

No. Stevens Realty only accepts data from credentialed property managers and third-party payment processors. If your property manager does not report, contact us to discuss our Tenant Credit service.

Please contact Stevens Realty team at +1 931-526-5188 daily 7AM-8 PM to discuss the data and your right to dispute the information.