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Introducing Build to Rent Program

Stevens Realty’s Build-to-Rent Program offers an exciting opportunity for the tenants in the Cookeville and McMinnville areas of Tennessee. Our program provides a range of benefits for both investors and landowners.

Unlock the Potential of Rental Property Investment in Cookeville & McMinnville, TN

Are you looking to maximize your investment potential in the lucrative rental property market? Look no further! We are excited to introduce our groundbreaking Build to Rent Program, designed to empower investors like you and landowners alike.

1. Find the Perfect Land for Your Dream Rental Property

Are you searching for vacant land to create your ideal rental property? Our Build to Rent Program connects investors with prime, strategically located land parcels that are ripe for development. Whether you are a seasoned investor or new to the rental market, our expert team will assist you in finding the perfect site to build your future success upon.

Benefits for Investors:

Access to a wide range of vacant land options
Professional guidance to identify high-potential locations
Tailored recommendations based on market analysis
Streamlined acquisition process for a hassle-free experience

2. Unlock Professional Rental Property Construction

Landowners, are you looking to tap into the rental property market but need assistance with the construction process? Our Build to Rent Program offers you a comprehensive solution. We collaborate with experienced architects, contractors, and industry professionals to bring your rental property vision to life.

Benefits for Landowners:

Expert guidance throughout the construction process

Customized architectural designs to suit your needs

Quality craftsmanship and attention to detail

Timely project completion and on-budget delivery

Get To Know Our Dedicated Builder, Jason Butler Construction

Jason Butler Construction has been building exceptional homes since 2001, and is headed by the talented Jason Butler. Married with three children, Jason has lived in Jackson County for 47 years and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the construction industry. Having built 70 houses over the years, Jason holds a Tennessee state license with a generous limit of $1,485,100.

Jason started his journey in the construction industry at the young age of 18, honing his skills in new construction, remodeling, and masonry work. He has since passed on his knowledge to his two sons, Isaiah and Levi, who work alongside him to provide their clients with the highest quality of craftsmanship in the Upper Cumberland region.

With their roots firmly established in the local community, The Butlers take pride in every project they undertake. Whether it’s building a new home from scratch or renovating an existing one, their attention to detail and commitment to excellence is unmatched.

Jason Butler Construction

Jason Butler Construction are a family of experienced builders who have been building homes in the Upper Cumberland region since 2001. With their Tennessee state license and a limit of $1,485,100, they have built 70 homes to date, with a commitment to excellence and attention to detail that is second to none.

Building Plan Checklist

1 - Identify the Land

a) Research zoning laws and building codes
b) Conduct a soil test for foundation suitability
c) Consider accessibility, drainage, and other site-specific factors

2 - Purchase Property

a) Secure financing
b) Obtain necessary permits and approvals
c) Ensure proper utility connections (electric, water, sewer, gas)

3 - Pre-construction

a) Hire an architect and/or engineer to design plans
b) Obtain bids from contractors and select a builder
c) Finalize plans and obtain necessary approvals

4 - Site Preparation

a) Clear the site and grade the land
b) Stake out the building location
c) Excavate for foundation and utilities

5 - Foundation & Framing

a) Pour concrete foundation and basement walls
b) Install framing, including walls, floors, and roof

6 - Rough-in

a) Install plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems
b) Install insulation

7 - Interior & Exterior Finishes

a) Install drywall and paint
b) Install flooring, cabinets, and countertops
c) Install exterior finishes, such as siding and roofing

8 - Final Inspections & Approvals

a) Obtain final inspections from local building officials
b) Obtain occupancy permit

9 - Move-in & Post-construction

a) Move in and enjoy your new home
b) Address any punch-list items or warranty issues with the builder

Our Project Portfolio

251 Whiston Ave

251 Whiston Ave is Ready
251 Whitson Cookeville, TN
This newly built house at 251 Whitson Ave Cookeville, TN 38501 is now ready. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, with Smart home automation-ready, a large yard, and a garage.

Why Choose Build to Rent?

Experience and Expertise: With years of industry experience, our team possesses the knowledge and expertise to help you navigate the rental property market successfully.

Tailored Solutions: We understand that each investor and landowner has unique goals and requirements. Our program is designed to provide personalized solutions that align with your vision.

Comprehensive Support: From land acquisition to construction completion, we provide end-to-end support, ensuring a seamless journey for investors and landowners alike.

Maximize Returns: Our Build to Rent Program empowers you to unlock the full potential of your investment, helping you generate consistent rental income and build long-term wealth.

If you’re looking for a high-quality rental home in Cookeville or McMinnville, TN, look no further than Stevens Realty’s Build-to-Rent Program.

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Invest with Confidence. Build with Professionalism. Rent with Success.

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