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Unlock the Power of Homeownership

Are you a property owner looking to maximize your rental property’s potential? Consider our rent-to-own program and open doors to a world of benefits!

Stevens Realty Rent-to-own program can have a range of positive impacts on property owners. From increased rental income and reduced vacancy rates to better property maintenance and potential value appreciation, owners can enjoy financial benefits and a more secure investment.

Rent-to-Own Program: Unlock the Power of Homeownership

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Attract a Larger Pool of Quality Tenants

Stand out from the competition by offering a unique path to homeownership. Attract responsible tenants who have a long-term commitment to the property.

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Steady Rental Income

Benefit from consistent monthly rental payments from tenants. Ensure a reliable cash flow to cover property expenses and maximize your returns.

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Property Maintenance & Care

Encourage tenants to treat the property as their own, resulting in better upkeep. Reduce the burden of maintenance and repairs on your shoulders.

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Higher Property Value

As tenants invest in the property, they have an incentive to maintain and enhance its value. Witness your property’s value increase over time, providing long-term financial gains.

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Most Compelling Benefits Of Stevens Realty's Rent-To-Own Program

Reduced Vacancy Rates: Rent-to-Own tenants tend to stay longer, reducing the risk of frequent turnovers. Minimize vacancy periods and the associated costs while ensuring a stable income stream.
Longer Term Tenants: Normal tenant moves out in less than 3 years. Steady cash flow. Less turn over cost. Less vacancy
Flexibility in Selling: If you decide to sell the property during the rental period, attract motivated buyers from your pool of tenants. Enjoy the potential for faster sales with pre-screened buyers already invested in the property.
Social Impact: Help individuals and families achieve their dream of homeownership. Make a positive impact on the community by offering accessible housing options.

No Maintenance Costs: No maintenance costs or other costs to maintain the property. Maintenance is the tenant or buyers responsibility
No taxes and insurance: The tenant or buyer pays all taxes and insurance in their monthly payments
No Credit Needed: We give tenant or buyer the opportunity to be home owners that may not have the down payment needed or credit needed to buy a house with a bank.

Stevens Realty rent-to-own program offers property owners numerous benefits, including an increased pool of potential buyers, consistent rental income, reduced maintenance responsibilities, potential property value appreciation, lower vacancy rates, and flexibility in property sales, making it an attractive option for maximizing investments and securing long-term financial gains. 

Owners can tap into individuals who may not qualify for traditional mortgages. With steady rental income from tenants participating in the Rent-to-Own Program, property owners can ensure a reliable cash flow to cover expenses. With lower vacancy rates and the potential to sell to pre-qualified buyers, property owners can minimize turnover costs and expedite property sales. Overall, our rent-to-own program empowers property owners to unlock the full potential of their properties and reap significant benefits.

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