Our Premium Air Filter Delivery Service Ensures Tenants Change Their Filters On Time

Utility and Maintenance Reduction Program
For Homeowners

Stevens Realty Utility and Maintenance Reduction Program provides preventative HVAC maintenance service for our homeowners. This program is about protecting your physical asset by lengthening the life of your HVAC system.

Over the past several years we’ve realized that, despite their best efforts, residents are generally not in the habit of regularly changing their air filters. The national average of residents that change filters reliably is about 10%. Despite it being standard in the lease agreement, it gets neglected because it is out of sight and out of mind. Whether it be a function of simply forgetting, not being able to find the right size or quality of filter in the store, or not even knowing what an air filter is, residents and homeowners alike desire a more consistent, convenient approach to this important chore. It often becomes too little too late before anyone realizes the filter needs to be changed, and the result usually comes in the form of a high-dollar HVAC service bill.

Residents now change their filters within a few days of the delivery. We notice fewer move-outs, and thousands of dollars in preventative maintenance savings for property owners.

Changing Your Air Filters Has Never Been Easier

Exact quantity and size of filters required for a single change are delivered to the front door.

Package includes a personalized message with instructions on how to change filters.

Filters are delivered on schedule as a timely physical reminder to change them.

Why Tenants Love It

• Higher air quality in their home
• 5-15% reduction in energy bills
• Convenient, hassle-free service

Why You’ll Love It

• Decreases HVAC repair/replacement cost
• Lengthens the life of your HVAC system

Filters are delivered when a tenant moves in or renews, and on schedule until their lease ends.

Air filters are no longer “out of sight, out of mind” for tenants.

Every filter has an expiration date which allows your property manager to hold the tenant accountable

Our premier air filter delivery service ensures tenants change their filters on time.
Stevens Realty Your Trusted Partner In Protecting Your Property.