Please review carefully the pet application policy below.
  • √ Pet Application is required for All Pets Moving into the Property A pet application must be completed for each pet.

    √ A $15 Pet Application Fee must be paid for your application to be processed.

    √ All information provided in this pet application must be true, if the property management company finds information that is untrue, this will be cause for application denial or eviction.

    √ Please call (931) 526-5188 to pay your pet application fee or pay using the link below so that we may begin processing your rental application.

    √ The agreement to allow dog(s) at the rental property will be void if dog/s is/are deemed at any time by either property owner as being too aggressive, disruptive, and/ or destructive, or if any information provided is not true or correct.

    √ I agree that, in the event of an emergency, the property owner(s) may give possession of my dog(s) to either of the emergency contacts listed above. If neither emergency contact is immediately available, I give permission for law enforcement personnel to take possession of my dog(s) and, if necessary, give dog(s) to a third party care provider, which I understand may result in additional fees due from me for my dog(s) care and release.


    Here are the requirements.

    1. Mandatory dog interview with the PM before the pet application is approved.
    2. No history of any biting
    3. Recommend dog insurance policy
    4. Fully complete pet application with vet records and shots.

    Fees for restricted breeds:

    Restricted Breed Pet Fee: Extra $150 to normal pet fee
    Restricted Breed Pet rent: Extra $25 per month to normal pet rent.
    Insurance cost: Tenant will have to contact Xinsurance.com to purchase policy.