Chattanooga Real Estate: 3rd Quarter of 2016 Housing Prices & Trends

Relocating to another city needs careful planning. Whether you like to own a property or thinking of renting one, proper consideration of the vital aspects is a must. Consider these: Prices, community, nearby schools, and commuting within the area. These are quite essential, right? Of course, they are.

Chattanooga Community

It has to be understood that in transferring to another location, the type of community where you want to reside is a good place to start. Do you know how many people live there? Is your chosen area densely populated or do you like to have something sparse?

There are property management companies in Chattanooga that can help you with this concern. For sure listings can help but the fact that you need more geographic information about the place is relatively important.

Land and Property Worth

A boost in land and property value implies a developed district or community. Chattanooga homes sales value is estimated to be around $159,000 derived from 577 property deals. The cost per square foot is a little over $100, inflating by 6% in comparison to the previous year. Chattanooga rentals median monthly rate is around $1,100.

Choosing a perfect spot for your future is a must before making any payments. Remember that purchasing a property is not only for the mere purpose of owning it but an investment as well. In Chattanooga, you can choose the life that you plan for you and your family; from simple living to a luxurious one. Lofts are available from under $160,000-$225,000 whereas houses with pools cost around $108,000-$350,000.

Safety and Security

Knowing that your family is far from harm keeps you going even when you are still working late in the office. Making a keen observation of the surroundings enables you to check if where you are about to stay is safe or not. You can avail of a safe home by knowing the community well and by getting the emergency phone numbers such as the police and fire departments.

Chattanooga Education

Education is something that you can pass to your heirs that is why choosing the best in town is one big requirement. With more than 40 schools nearby, you can definitely select one which your child can most benefit from. Visiting schools that are not only popular but also where you can share your values with will keep your child proactive. This is so because every child wants to feel welcome and being able to express himself to the school community from Day 1 guarantees you more than enough. The percentage of populace who earned a college degree in this specific area is 29%.

Chattanooga Commute Life

98% of its inhabitants use their own vehicles as a means of transportation. Know the exact location of your new workplace or your child’s new school to get a hassle-free first day. This enables you to become more productive in both your professional and private life.