Featured Property Manager in Cookeville TN – Scott Goodeon

Real estate companies now abound in Cookeville, but only a handful truly know how to manage Cookeville houses for rent. Only a few know how to help landlords effectively manage their property, market it efficiently, and look after it through maintenance services.

Get to know Scott Goodeon, our property manager in Cookeville, TN.


Hi! I’m Scott Goodeon with Stevens Realty and the local property manager for the Cookeville area.

In Cookeville, we take care of seven surrounding counties, consisting of over 400 properties.

I’ve been a property manager since 1994 when I purchased my first rental property and have been a part of the Stevens Realty team since 2006.

As a property manager, I understand the importance of managing our greatest asset. I understand the dynamics of the rental industry as well as keeping our properties rented and maintained.

Here is Stevens Realty we are cutting-edge we continue the newest technologies in the business and in the rental arena.

Two of our most important tools are Propertyware and Property Meld. This is our communication device with you. This gives you the opportunity, to put as much hands-on or as little hands-on on your property as possible.

As your property manager, you can rest assured that your investment is in good hands. Thank you for giving me the opportunity, to be your manager.


Stevens Realty is among that select few. Stevens Realty has garnered over 30 years of experience and in that time has proven to be a leader in the field. We go above and beyond our client’s expectations with our comprehensive line of services and commitment to quality, detail-oriented service. Do please get in touch with us if you have any questions about our property management company in Cookeville TN.