Holiday Promotion: Get Your Security Deposit Back!

Congratulations! You Can Now Get Your Security Deposit Back!

We understand that moving costs can add up. To help reduce costs we are proud to offer deposit-free renting to our most qualified renters to apply, and avoid the cost of putting down a cash security deposit. 

This Holiday season, we are inviting our tenant to get your security deposit back in these easy steps:

  1. Let your Property Management Company – Stevens Realty know you would like to get your deposit back and provide them with an Obligo.
  2. Your Property Manager will send you and invitation and an agreement to be completed.
  3. Complete the Obligo invitation and provide a bank account or credit card to provide a billing authorization for about 1/3 of the deposit amount.
  4. Your Damage Protection for Your landlord will increase to about 20% higher than the original deposit.
  5. Your landlord will refund your deposit minus a $50 admin fee.
SRLLC_Resident_Deposit-Free by Manilene Labajo

Contact Stevens Realty at (931) 526-5188 or email us at