People Are Moving In, and Finding New Apartments for Rent in Cookeville TN

Cookeville in Tennessee is buzzing with activity now. But it wasn’t like this always. Only a few years back, the city had just about 24,000 residents. All that is changed now, as thousands are moving into Cookeville, lured by better prospects and the chance to live in a better neighborhood. And obviously, the demand for new apartments for rent in Cookeville TN has soared in recent times. Yes, there are new constructions all through the town, but the supply isn’t matching up yet.

High Demand for a Property in Cookeville TN

  • There are 100 plus plants employing more than 10,000 people currently in Cookeville. So this means that there are plenty of job openings in the city at this time.
  • Russell Stover Candies had to let go of several workers a few years back. But this had no negative impact on the economy. This shows the strength of the city’s economy.
  • In fact, the unemployment rate has been going down consistently for many years now.
  • Oreck manufacturing is now based out of Cookeville. They moved from Long Beach, Mississippi.
  • You’ll find a lot of healthcare workers here. Many more are moving in because of the opportunities in this sector. They are looking for rental properties in Cookeville.
  • The Tennessee Technological University and public schools employ about 2000 workers. A lot of them are not from Cookeville originally. Obviously they will need a place to stay. They look for apartments for rent in Cookeville TN.
  • The city’s economy is also booming because of retail sales that stand higher than $1.30 billion now. It’s going up faster than the state or national average.

Young people in Cookeville had to leave town until very recently for job opportunities. They had to go to other cities in Tennessee and even to other states. But the tide is surely turning the other way now. It’s a reverse brain drain. In fact, some people who had left the city before are actually coming back now. And why won’t they? After all, there are better prospects in the city now.

Real estate has become big business in Cookeville now as well. Many new projects are coming up all over to house the people who are seeking accommodation in the city. Some of these people are looking for apartments for rent in Cookeville TN, while there are those who are interested in outright purchases. And there is a lot of option in both these categories.

Those who are seeking something on rent would be happy to know that properties are now available in different price ranges. So you are sure to find something within your budget.

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