Pool Planning Tips for Your Residential Property in Tennessee

A pool can be a great asset for any residential property in Tennessee. It makes the home look better and improves valuation. And besides, it’s a great thing for the residents. You can take a plunge anytime you want, during the weekend, or after a hard day at work just to relax. Of course, swimming improves health too. So it’s a wonderful idea.

But you cannot have a pool just like that. This is a costly investment, and so you must plan it properly, and it begins from the start. After all, you cannot carry an in-ground and change its position. So naturally, you will have to be correct about its positioning right from the start. Here are some important factors.

  1. Codes and laws Research local codes and zoning laws before fixing the spot. In some areas, you must have the pool at a specific distance from the property line. There may be regulations about fences or barriers as well for both above-ground and in-ground pools. There can be stipulations about the fence type, gap below the fence, height, and such other things.
  2. Drainage Contractors will advise you about the drainage options. You can yourself see how the water flows after rainstorms. Look for low areas where there can be flooding. High water table areas can be a problem for placing the pool.
  3. Sunshine Residential property in Tennessee backyards that face the south receive a lot of sunlight. If you have a backyard facing the south, then consider the space that receives the most sunshine. You will then be able to warm the pool naturally. Trim the leaves regularly if you have trees nearby. Leaves could clutter drainage. The surrounding shrubs and trees can however aid windbreak to slow down water evaporation.
  4. Utility Lines What is below the spot at the place where you want the pool? Make sure that there are no telephone or electrical wires, sewer or septic lines, or gas and water pipes. Get a map first of all the existing utility connections. Avoid moving these lines.
  5. Access You should plan to access the pool easily. Ideally, you need an entry door close to your pool that opens to a waterproof floor and leads to the bathroom. This way, you won’t have to run dripping across the carpet. It must be convenient for swimmers. You must also prevent unauthorized entry.

There are many homes across the United States that have pools. You will find residential property in Tennessee as well that has them. Most of them are planned well. It is absolutely essential for you to plan it properly too. A good pool is a treasure, but a poorly planned one can be a liability quickly. It will just eat up a lot of space and create plenty of hassles for you.

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