Asset Protect Renters Insurance For Owners

Stevens Realty offer FREE Insurance coverage for our homeowners. Stevens Realty Asset Protect Renters Insurance provides you with a zero dollar deductible for standard tenant-caused damage claims.

Value Proposition

Stevens Realty Asset Protect Renters Insurance is a necessity when it comes to protecting both an owner’s investment. If something happens to one of your assets, it hurts everyone. We require renters insurance for all our residents to help protect everyone.

It has now become the norm to require renters insurance, and evidence shows that this requirement doesn’t impede a property’s ability to attract new tenants or raise rent over time. Don’t overlook this invaluable first layer of protection for our owners.

Stevens Realty Asset Protect Renters Insurance Program offers property owners and managers a turnkey resident insurance program that protects rental assets, drives ancillary revenue and maximizes insurance compliance. The program is easy to implement, affordable for the tenant and, best of all, it’s provided at no cost to the owner.

Asset Protection

Stevens Realty Asset Protect Renters Insurance Program provides coverage with a $0 deductible cost for standard claims for tenant-caused damages due to the following events:*

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Smoke
  • Backup of Sewer, Drain, Sump
  • Falling Objects
  • Collapse
  • Explosion
  • Sprinkler Leakage
  • Pet Damage
  • Freezing of Pipes
  • Discharge or Overflow of Appliances
  • Loss of Rental Income up to $1,000

Benefits of Stevens Realty
Owners Asset Protect Renters Insurance Program

  • Free insurance coverage
  • Reduces your risk from tenant damage
  • Protects against claims to your property insurance
  • Less risk of losing money from large personal/ commercial deductibles and rising premiums
  • Provides up to $100,000 of coverage
  • Primary over other property insurance policies, placing it as the first insurer to respond to a covered claim

Full list of benefits of our owners asset protect renters insurance.

Stevens Realty is always thinking of protecting your investment. We now require all residents to sign up for renters insurance.