The Advantages of Property Management Services in Tennessee

There are many real estate agents in Tennessee. And if you search hard enough, then you will even be able to find good real estate agencies as well. But if you try to find good property management services in Tennessee, then you will see that there aren’t too many good ones. What exactly is property management? Let us try to find out.

Defining Property Management Services

Property management refers to operating and managing a property in simple terms. It’s much wider than just advertising the available properties and showing them to potential customers. It also includes income, credit, and criminal checking that has become very important now. As a homeowner, you don’t want the hassles of dealing with somebody who might have a questionable background or somebody whose line of credit or income might be unstable. And of course, you will want your property and the neighborhood to be safe as well. A good firm offering property management services in Tennessee should be able to take care of all that.

Best real estate agents in Cookeville and elsewhere in the state of Tennessee who do property management services should also be responsible for routine inspections. You should get a prompt report if any issues related to air conditioners, water heaters, or plumbing is found. The company should be able to carry out small jobs without even reporting the matter to you, of course with your prior permission.

There are two other important jobs that property management services in Tennessee should do. They are eviction & possession, and rent collection.

Stevens Realty is doing all this with distinction for many years now. This is why Stevens Realty has emerged as the best property manager in Cookeville TN, Chattanooga, Nashville, and McMinnville. The company has been serving its clients with honesty, integrity, knowledge, and professionalism since 1989. If you have a residential property in Tennessee that you want to be managed efficiently, then you can safely turn to Stevens Realty.

The company also helps people buy and rent properties. Stevens Realty employs maintenance technicians, experienced property managers, and the finest accountants.

Property Management Services in Tennessee Offered

  • Tenant Finder Services Helps the owner find a tenant and sign the lease agreement.
  • Leasing and Rent Collection Services Helping both parties agree on the lease agreement and then collecting the rent on behalf of the owner with proper authorization. The money is sent to the owner after subtracting the management fee.
  • Maintenance and Turnover Services Receives the maintenance request from the owner of the residential property in Tennessee or the tenant and passes it on to the vendor. Monitor the work to ensure that everything is done properly. Making payment and issuing 1099 to the vendor. Call up the tenant to find out whether the work done is satisfactory or not.
  • Bill Pay, Financial/Tax Reporting, and Book-Keeping Services Pay the bills and send monthly statements. Reporting on tax issues!

Turn to Stevens Realty for the best property management services in Tennessee. Trust the professionals to deliver the best results always.