The Booming Economy Is Increasing the Number of Searches for Apartments for Rent in Cookeville TN

There’s a buzz about Cookeville now. This small town in Tennessee, which was home to just about 24,000 people only a few years back, is now booming. A lot of people are moving into the city for better prospects. There’s a real demand for apartments for rent in Cookeville TN now. Sure enough, many properties are coming up all over the town, but it seems that the demand is quite insatiable now. The supply is finding it hard to meet the growing number of residents looking for a place to stay.

Here are a few reasons why so many people are looking for Cookeville properties.

  • Retail sales in the city have crossed the $1.30 billion mark. The rate of increase is more than the state and national average.
  • There are more than 100 plants that employ about 10,000 workers.
  • The unemployment rate has been coming down consistently over the last few years.
  • Russell Stover Candies laid off many workers in 2006. But this had no overall negative impact in the city’s economy.
  • Oreck manufacturing moved to the city from Long Beach, Mississippi the same year.
  • Cookeville employs a lot of healthcare workers. There is a huge demand in this sector. Many healthcare workers are looking for apartments for rent in Cookeville.
  • About 25,000 people travel to the city every day to attend schools or for work.
  • The public school system and the Tennessee Technological University employ more than 2000 workers. It employs people from outside the city too. They are also looking for apartments for rent in Cookeville TN. 

Cookeville in Tennessee until very recently, was just a small sleepy town. Most young people had to leave the town for better prospects and head to the bigger cities in the state and elsewhere in the country. But all that has changed now. There is a reverse drain now. Many of those who had left Cookeville are now returning, as they realize that there are better prospects in their home town.

Real estate too has become big business in Cookeville. With so many people returning and outsiders coming to Cookeville, this was bound to happen of course. New projects are coming up everywhere. Some of them are for sale, while others are for apartments for rent. The good news is that, rental accommodations are available in all price ranges in the city. So this means, everybody is sure to get something for their pocket.

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