The Economy Is Growing Fast – Find Your Property with the Best Property Manager in Cookeville TN

Have you heard the news? Cookeville’s economy is hot now! That’s quite a surprise for those who know the city because it wasn’t really that great only a few years back. Thousands of people are moving into the city looking to enhance their careers and for schooling and shopping. The city’s population has crossed 32,000. Construction work can be seen virtually everywhere. Now is the time to find that coveted realty here. Find it with the best property manager in Stevens Realty. Prices are going up fast, and so, you can easily fetch a handsome profit in say five years.

Consider this!

  1. There are more than 100 plants where 10,000 people are employed in Cookeville. There are a lot of jobs here.
  2. It’s no surprise that 25,000 people come to the city for work every day. Many of them are looking for a place to stay. Some of them are looking to buy it while others want to rent. You prosper either way if you have your own property in Cookeville.
  3. The fact that Russell Stover Candies downsized had zero impact. This shows how strong the economy of the city has become.
  4. There has been a drastic reduction in the unemployment rate here in recent times.
  5. Oreck manufacturing has moved into the city from Long Beach in Mississippi.
  6. The healthcare industry is very busy in the city, and so many of the workers here are looking for homes for sale in Cookeville and those on rent.
  7. About 2000 people are employed by the public schools and the Tennessee Technological University. Many of these people are from out of town. It would of course please many of them to find a home within the city itself.
  8. Cookeville’s retail sales have crossed the $1.30 billion mark. The rate of growth is higher than the state or country average. So you could think of buying a shop as well and then putting it out on rent. There is a great deal of demand for them now. The downtown shopping district and some others as well are actually booming.


Not so long ago, young people here had to go to other cities looking for better prospects. Some of them went elsewhere in Tennessee, while others traveled further. All that has stopped now. In fact, it’s now just the opposite, as people are moving into Cookeville. How did this magic happen?

We can see the difference clearly here at Stevens Rentals. We are a lot busier now since we are among the best property manager in Cookeville TN. We get several requests for purchases and rents every day. I have increased our team to rope in more professional property managers with personal knowledge of the city neighborhoods. We only work with people who are 100% committed and dedicated.

Try us if you want to work only with the very best property manager in Cookeville TN.