Cookeville-Putnam County Tornado Relief Fund

In the wee hours of March 3, 2020, a massive tornado struck Putnam County, Tennessee, unleashing what is now being called the worst disaster ever recorded in county history.

Since that moment, our community has seen...

Miles of Devastation

with a two-mile swath of our county literally crushed and littered with dangerous debris, gas leaks and live electrical lines on a rain-soaked ground.

Unprecedented Loss

including 19 lives; 92 injuries; dozens of homes; and hours or days without power, water or cell coverage.

Valiant Search & Rescue

from a well-prepared and dedicated team of local law enforcement, first responders and rescue agencies, with added support from surrounding counties and the Red Cross.

A Community Galvanized and Mobilized

with a sea of volunteers selflessly offering equipment, food, time, supplies and blood in an effort to help.
This is where you can HELP the MOST right now. While most of the needs have been well provided for, there’s still one thing that is vitally and urgently needed. Dozens of families have lost much or all — their homes, their possessions and even family members. Their climb toward rebuilding is going to long outlast the current relief efforts underway.

That’s why we ask that you please consider giving to the Cookeville-Putnam County Tornado Relief Fund. Every cent donated to this fund will go directly to these families to help them rebuild their lives.

The only officially designated donation account. 100% of the donations will go directly to the impacted victims.
Cookeville-Putnam County Tornado Relief Fund