Nashville TN Featured Property Manager – Jake Conley

My name is Jake Conley, property manager and real estate agent for Stevens Realty LLC. My family has lived in the Nashville, TN area for ten years now, and it’s been wonderful seeing the spiking growth in the market! Opportunity is literally around every corner. The future is bright.

My vision is to reach and touch as many lives as possible each day; this goes for my personal life as well as my business. It’s extremely important for me to provide honesty and value to each and every person I meet through my business. I strive to make meaningful, positive changes that will improve the well- being for both sides in every meeting or written correspondence. If no value is offered, there would be no incentive for residents to join our growing company. The good news is, we have so much to offer!

Many residents who become part of our team hold us to a high standard, and they should. In each and every business relationship, both parties should benefit the other. If one side drops the ball, it leads to complications. This is why I make it a priority to go above and beyond for my residents. Open communication is just one of the keys to a successful business relationship, but for me, it is close, if not at the top, of the list.


We live in a time where the digital economy is booming, doing wonders for business relationships. It has been another vision of mine to learn and embrace new technology in an effort to better help our business and our residents. Online business systems are quickly phasing out traditional offices. Yes, it’s different, but with open minds and a vision for improving communication, documentation, and productivity, it will come to be accepted by all.

Stevens Realty LLC is making it easier than ever for residents to take care of their rental needs through personal online portals. Within a resident portal, individuals can take care of maintenance requests, direct communication, and payments. Residents can also access their full payment ledger to stay on top of current and past transactions, enabling them to be well-informed and organized.

Just about anything can be handled online. With the ever-changing smartphone and laptop technology, so much can be taken care of with a few taps on the keyboard. This boosts efficiency for both parties. The days of residents getting in their vehicle, using up gasoline to travel to a physical office to pay rent or ask questions, are soon to be a thing of the past. While we still believe in the importance of face-to-face meetings, we can still harbor the advancements of technology to provide phenomenal value to our residents.

I personally look forward to meeting with those who are interested in working with us to make the manager-resident relationship spectacular. Serving our residents has been and always will be a great honor for me. If I can be of any assistance, please feel free to reach me at or call our office at 931-526-5188.