Featured Property Manager (Nashville TN) – Paul Oakley

Hi, I’m Paul Oakley of Stevens Realty. We’re a property management company that offers a wide array of services. Obviously, we do property management but we do a lot more than just that. We do Airbnb, we do long-term rentals, we’re doing short term rentals, we do renovations and a lot of rentals.

Today, I’d like to take a moment to talk to you specifically about the renovation side of things. We have renovated properties that go all the way up to multi-unit apartment complexes down the single-family homes. Here you can see some before the video of an apartment building that we were renovating. This complex was composed of 78 units, above it, we took over this project and there were only 11 of the 78 units rented after about 10 months for renovations, we now have a completely rented complex.



We also have had some additional resources of revenue that weren’t even being explored before such as charging for the laundry room, renting out storage rooms, turning some units into short-term rentals, and vending machines. These are just a few of the things that we have done to improve this complex.

We also do single-family homes. This is the same thing as an apartment complex just on a much smaller scale. If you look at the video, It will take you through the process of renovation from start to finish. What we do where the renovation over property getting it ready and ready to go. It thinks you through finding a contractor and the cost and getting a turnover, and show you all the before and after pictures.

Our job with Stevens Realty is to take care of your investment. And for you not to worry about it, step foot on it and for you to feel comfortable with your asset. so we appreciate the time and consideration giving us. I hope that you will help us do before with you.