Featured Property Manager – Paul Oakley On Short Term Rentals

Hi, I’m Paul Oakley of Steven Realty. First, thank you for taking the time to look at us as the possibility of managing your short-term rental for you. There’s a lot of good reasons what Stevens Realty to be an excellent property manager for you but I’m going to make this choice easy for you and narrow down to three easy reasons:



1. We Own Short-Term Rentals

We own and manage our assets as well. So we understand what it’s like to be a property owner and what it’s like to want to have your property and your asset is taken care of for you. So it’s in the very best care but maximizing the profit at the same time. We understand we care, we’re in the same position as you are is another.


2. Software

One strong tool that we have at our disposal is our software. Our software actually will look at the hotel pricing throughout the city and we’ll kind of change your pricing based on that. So we can tell that there’s a spike in the hotel rents that we know there’s an event going, or maybe it’s something we don’t know about and that way we can that rents will change automatically based on that activity and know to raise it for activities that are going on. That way, It’ll maximize your dollar, your profit, and what you get out of your property. That way you’re not leaving money on the table you might say okay well let’s just rent this for X hundreds of dollars at night when we could have that it for three times. We’d known that whatever was happening that weekend was going on.


3. Transparency

The last time we look at is transparency. We want to be as transparent with you as possible. Once you are fully aware of everything is possible, that’s why with Airbnb we love a co-host and with a co-host’s, it allows you to see what we’re saying to the guests and you can see the conversations in real-time. So you know if we’re responding appropriately and professionally. You’ll get some guests that say mean things to you or we might say inappropriate things to you but you can look at this and see oh they’re responding they’re taking it as well as they came from the guests and you just responded with nothing but professional responses. So you know we’re handling things appropriately and on time because you can also see how quickly we respond.


These are just some great tools that help us out. So thank you for taking the time to consider Stevens Realty to be your property manager for your short-term rentals. Thank you very much and have a great day. 


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