Homes for Sale in Cookeville TN – 5 Tips to Fetch a Good Price

There’s a good demand for homes for sale in Cookeville. But that doesn’t mean that you’ll fetch a good price. Because there are bound to be other homes as well on the market. A prospective buyer will always look at several properties before deciding. You can be sure about this. Be smart, do the right things, and you are sure to get the deal you want. Here are some tips that you may want to keep in mind when you are trying to sell your property in Cookeville.

Tip #1 Be Different Than Your Neighbor

Stand out from the crowd and you will always attract attention. This is true for your home too. But how do you make your home stand out? You can try some custom additions or designs, maybe in landscaping, or you may want to add a new roof or some high-grade windows. You will improve the aesthetics of your home and also add value to it. Those who are looking for homes for sale in Cookeville TN will then have a better chance of noting your property. But of course, the improvement you make must be practical too appealing. The addition must also complement your home and its amenities like the patio, deck or if you have it, an outdoor swimming pool.

Tip #2 Get Rid of the Clutter

This is a no brainer really. Get rid of all the clutter, things that you don’t need before you start showing it off to prospective buyers, and even realty agents. You might want to move some furniture to make the rooms appear bigger and cleaner. Remove some of your personal things as well such as pictures from walls. A prospective buyer should be able to visualize him and the family within the interiors.

Tip #3 Sweeten the Deal

You might want to sweeten the deal by offering some money towards the closing cost, or you may want to pay that off entirely. By doing this, you will surely be getting the attention of all those who are interested in homes for sale in Cookeville. Another idea is to offer a transferable home warranty. Just think about it. You will get an edge over a competing property if everything else is the same.

Tip #4 Improve Curb Appeal

Many sellers overlook the curb appeal of their properties. Most buyers will always look at the exterior of a home, and how it goes with the surrounding neighborhood. So make sure that there’s a fresh coat of paint. Trim the bushes and mow the lawn. Plant a few flowers if you can. Appearance counts a lot in real estate. So you can work on this to improve your chances.

Tip #5 Price It Right

Of course, you will have to price it right. It’s not always easy to do this, because the prices can go up and down. There is also no official figure.

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