Property Managers in Cookeville, Tennessee Are Using Innovation and Technology Now

Most people are now finding real estate online. It’s changed the entire game. Gone are the days of having to look through newspapers and even visiting the office of property managers. And not just the larger cities such as NYC, San Francisco, Houston, Chicago, and the others, people are now finding their homes over the Internet even in smaller tier 2 and tier 3 cities. Take Cookeville in Tennessee for example.

Cookeville in Tennessee might be small, but it’s a happening place. Manufacturing is hot here unlike many other cities in the US. Actually more than 25,000 people move into the city every day for jobs, shopping, and schools. But Cookeville is still small, compared to Nashville, Memphis, and some other cities. However still, real estate agents have gone online. And not just that, some of them, like Stevens Realty, are even offering property management service too, which is an advanced service.

Advanced Services from Cookeville TN Property Managers

It’s a service that helps owners in many ways. It helps them market their homes and apartments for rent in Cookeville TN, find tenants or buyers, help them look at the properties in the market, helps owners fetch a better deal, maintain their properties and arrange for urgent repairs, carry out background screening on prospective tenants, collect the rent, take corrective action if any terms and conditions are violated, and even helps owners improve their tenant retention rates. Yes, that’s what some real estate agents in Cookeville are offering now.

Better marketing helps owners fetch a better deal. Firms like Stevens Realty are going for a comprehensive marketing plan, and not just listing the property at a single place or two. This includes listing the property in several places and the use of social media as well. The real estate business has truly evolved over the last few years, even in a small town like Cookeville.

The ways in which listings were displayed have changed remarkably as well. There was a time when just a snapshot of the homes or apartments for sale in Cookeville, was displayed, with a brief description of it. But now, all of its features are noted. Neighborhood information is displayed with landmarks. Google Maps is integrated to give a prospective tenant or buyer a feel of the place. Even a video of the property with a walkthrough is sometimes provided for a full 360-degree view.

Because of all this, it has become much easier for the buyer or tenant to decide. The person already has an opinion even before visiting and seeing it first-hand. It’s good for the owner too. This has reduced false interests remarkably. It is saving them time because only a serious person is visiting, looking around, and talking with owners these days.

Stevens Realty is thus great news for both parties. No wonder, Stevens Realty is today one of the leading property management company in Cookeville TN. You can try us as well. Check out the testimonials to find out how happy our clients are with our services.