How to Show Appreciation to Your Loyal Tenants – Part I

Do you show your appreciation to your loyal tenants?

Whether you own a single-family home or multiple apartments in Lawton Ok, and or apartments for rent in Fort Sill, if you have the best tenants, then you need to show how much you value them. As a good landlord, showing your appreciation to your loyal tenants will let them feel that you cared for them. This way, you can keep them happy and satisfied, thereby giving them the reason to stay in your property for as long as possible. Showing your appreciation will also help transform your tenants into long-term residents in your area.

In this article from Steven Rentals, we will offer you some great tips on how to show your appreciation to your tenants and keep them happy. Read on.

  • Listen to their concerns. If your tenants talk to you about house problems or issues with other tenants, be sure to listen to them and take the necessary action. By listening to their concerns, you can let them know that you cared for their well-being. Also, make sure that they don’t complain about the same issue twice to show them how responsible you are as the landlord.
  • Fulfill your promises. If you gave your promise to your tenants to fix house issues, then make sure that you keep it. Schedule a time for a home repair (e.g. fix the leaky faucet, install new carpeting, and clean the gutters) and make sure to let them know about it.  This way, you can make your tenants feel that they are valued. Additionally, make sure to respond promptly to all maintenance requests.
  • Be available anytime. Make it easy for your tenants to contact you anytime by giving them your business phone number or your email address. You can also take advantage of social media to keep your tenants informed and make them feel more connected to you.  Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are great mediums to keep your tenants engaged.

Final Thoughts

Making your tenants feel valued will help you build a healthy landlord-tenant relationship. These are just three ways to show appreciation to your tenants and keep them happy! Make sure to read the second part of this 2-part article to know more tips on how to show appreciation to your loyal tenants, from giving gifts to hosting events, and more.

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