5 Tips for Getting the Best Out Of Your Mini-Storage in Cookeville TN

First, let us congratulate you on taking the decision of going with a self-storage facility. It is indeed the correct decision. You will soon have a more organized and less cluttered home. In fact, the home is going to look so clean, that it might feel like a new property as well. You are going to love your mini storage in Cookeville TN unit. We are sure about this. Hundreds of people have tried our mini-storage in Cookeville facilities over the last 10 years, and they have been completely satisfied with it. Many of them have even recommended us to their colleagues and friends.

But do remember one thing. Storage spaces across the country are small units. So you must keep in mind a few important things before you actually begin to send your stuff away. It can make a world of difference. This is the way to get the best from your rented storage space.

Here are 5 tips to help you with your mini-storage

  • Get some insurance You probably have some kind of insurance policy for the home already. Discuss with your career and see whether it can be extended to the storage unit as well. There is a chance that it can be done if you agree to pay slightly more. Stevens Realty does everything to ensure the safety of your belongings. It is a fenced compound under 24×7 on-site cameras. But insurance is always useful.
  • Pack the easily transported and expensive things to the back This is for your double protection. If you fear that there can be theft or pilferage, in spite of the best security measures in Cookeville, then why not store the most expensive things at the back of the unit? This way, they cannot take them even if the unit is opened. Small things like jewelry, DVD players, cameras, and such others that can be taken out easily should also be stored at the back.
  • Off the floor, It is always best to keep the most expensive things off the floor. Keep it up on pallets for protection against water seepage from pipe damage. This is most unlikely though with the mini-storage in Cookeville Tn facility of Stevens Realty. But still, why take a chance. And of course, there is going to be more dust on the floor always.
  • Pack your boxes tightly Always ensure that the boxes are packed as tightly as you can. This will not allow things to move around inside. Remember this, particularly when you are storing things that can break such as dishware and glasses. Also, remember to label the boxes properly. You can then know about the contents inside easily.
  • Keep the things you might need in the front OK, you have decided to store your stuff. But you might need some of it in a couple of months, or sooner. You’ll obviously not want to take out everything and then put them all back in. That’s too much work. Make a plan. Think of what you might require sooner. Then keep these things at the front of your mini-storage in Cookeville TN unit. You will save yourself a lot of trouble this way.

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