How to Prepare Your Property for the Busy Leasing Season

When is the best time to lease your property?

Summer is usually the best time to lease your property because this is when people are in a great mood to move and look for beautiful vacation homes where they can enjoy the summer sun. This makes the summer season busy and overwhelming time for property managers.

So if you’re planning to lease your single-family home or one of your lovely Mcminnville apartments, it’s important to prepare your property to attract good tenants and stand out during the busy rental season. Here are four important things that you need to do.



Inspect your home.

Before opening your property for lease, it’s always a good idea to conduct a thorough inspection of your home and check for any damages. When you spot some issues with your property, make sure to immediately get the problems fixed. You can consider bringing in a home inspector to check for problems like leaky faucets, clogged gutters, burnt-out light bulbs, roof leaks, and more. This way, you can attract premium tenants because your home is fully functional and faultless.

Keep the space clean.

Tenants not only look for properties with scenic views of the mountains or beaches. They look for home rentals that are clean and spotless as well. So when you’re aiming to attract good tenants, remember to clean every nook and cranny. You can opt to clean the property yourself or hire a professional cleaning service company that provides flexible and reliable cleaning solutions.

Decorate the place.

Decorating your property will add a sense of style and increase the value of your home rental. To ensure that prospective tenants will love the place, you can beautify the space by changing the furnishing, repainting the walls, utilizing ambient lighting, landscaping, installing carpets, adding fixtures, and more. Doing any of these things will give your home a warm and welcoming feel that can help attract premium tenants.

Make the property safe and secure.

One factor that can help you attract the best tenants is to ensure that your property is safe and secure. You can improve the security of your home rentals by installing alarm systems and advanced locking technology, all of which will guarantee that your tenants feel safe inside your property.

By implementing these helpful property management tips from Steven Realty, you can seamlessly prepare your home for the busy leasing season in order to attract and win the best tenants.

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