Most Affordable Property Management Services In McMinnville TN

The company has been in business since 1989 and has served a lot of customers in Chattanooga, Nashville, Cookeville, and McMinnville in the state of Tennessee. There are hundreds of real estate companies out there. However very few of them are into property management. But the reality is that efficient property management is indeed very important. It’s good to have a property. But it has to be managed well as well.

The  residential property management services in McMinnville TN from Stevens Realty are the most affordable you will find. The company has applied innovative systems and processes to offer value to their clients. The staff and managers are well trained and experienced.

Stevens Realty is offering property management services in McMinnville

Here are some of the services offered.

  1. Advertising and marketing program The business is spending a lot of money each month to advertise the vacancies. Stevens Realty has gone into exclusive advertising contracts to ensure that the properties are displayed prominently. This gives them nice exposure. Because of this, the company receives a lot of inquiry calls every day from potential clients. The properties go much quicker with Stevens Realty.
  2. Criminal Screening, credit, and income checks – Owners will naturally want to be sure about their tenants. It’s not just about receiving the rent on time, but also about the tenant taking good care of the property, and the overall safety. Details of the applicants are always thoroughly checked. Stevens Realty will check with the last two landlords as well to ensure compliance. All state and federal regulations are followed to ensure compliance.
  3. Routine Inspections Property management services from Stevens Realty also include carrying out routine inspections to ensure that tenants are maintaining them properly. Qualified home inspectors do these inspections. The owner is informed if there are any issues like air conditioning, water heaters, plumbing, and such others.
  4. Online financial reporting and accounting The property management system is web-based. Owners will have access online for viewing financial statements that reveal details of money collected disbursed. Many reports are provided like work order history, rental payment history, financial statements, and property history. Owners can get all the information anytime they need it.
  5. Maintenance Coordination Stevens Realty saves the owners money and time. But the most important component in the property management services from Stevens is that, property maintenance can also be done timely by this company. Staff members of the maintenance work with vendors to do much of the required repairs.
  6. Rent Collections Stevens Realty collects the rent on behalf of the owner. Tenants understand that the rent has to be paid at the right time. Funds, once they are in, are always disbursed quickly electronically or by the standard check.
  7. Possession and eviction services Sometimes, in certain situations, it becomes essential to evict the tenant. Stevens Realty carries out the process quickly and efficiently, and in accordance with the local Landlord and Tenant laws. Legal steps are taken for rent collection and eviction. 

Property management from Stevens Realty is indeed among the best anywhere.