Mini-Storage in Cookeville Now Available From Stevens Realty

There are many reasons why people may need a mini-storage facility. Perhaps you are selling your home. Your home will appear bigger if it is less cluttered. You will fetch a better deal. And so, it makes sense to temporarily shift your belongings somewhere else. Or perhaps you are moving to a new place and need a place where you can keep your things for some time. Maybe there is a lot of stuff at your home, and you want to store away some of the things you don’t need every day, such as old books, clothes, or blankets for the winter. Or maybe, you are in the process of redecorating or remodeling your home. You will want to store away your belongings in each of these situations.

Self-storage units are now available throughout the country. They are indeed very popular now. And for many very good reasons too. The good news is that, such storage facilities have now become available in Cookeville in Tennessee as well. Cookeville might be small in size. But it certainly seems like, this town is offering everything that’s available in the big cities. Stevens Realty, a real estate business, operational since 1989 is offering mini storage in Cookeville TN. That’s wonderful news for everybody who needs some storage facility here.

We have traditionally believed in holding on to everything we have. We accumulate things over the years, and with time, the interiors begin to look cluttered. There’s hardly any space left for moving around. So why not send it to a mini-storage in Cookeville facility, your own self-storage unit, if you dot want to throw something away? Take a look around your home. You are sure to find things that you don’t need every day. These are the things that can be stored away at your mini-storage in the Cookeville unit.

Features of the Mini-Storage in Cookeville Facility from Stevens Realty

  • Storage units are available in two sizes – 10*10 and 10*20.
  • There are a total of 137 units at the location.
  • The storage facility has been operational since 2003.
  • The mini-storage in Cookeville TN facility covers an area of 1.077 acres.
  • It is a completely secured facility. It is fenced completely. Entry through key pad only 24×7.
  • On-site cameras record everybody on the facility.
  • Additional locks are available for purchase for $15. This is refundable once returned.
  • $25 cleaning deposit is charged. This is also refundable if the rent is paid, and if the unit is kept clean and in good condition.
  • Rent is to be paid every month, on the first.
  • Outside storage rooms are available for those who need to store larger things.
  • The facility is located close. It is just a mile away from Tennessee Tech.

Stevens Realty has been helping people buy, sell, and rent house and apartment Cookeville TN, Chattanooga TN, Nashville TN, and Lawton OK for many years now. It is a reputed business that enjoys a lot of trust and goodwill. You can certainly turn to their mini storage in Cookeville TN facility.