Questions You Must Ask a Property Management Nashville Firm Before Hiring

Property maintenance and management can be an overwhelming task. You have to answer the calls of tenants, collect rent, carry out maintenance, evict if required, and clean after end of tenancy. This is why homeowners in the state are now opting for property management services in Nashville. It’s much the same elsewhere in the country as well. But don’t hire a firm in haste. Make sure that you ask these questions before you make a final decision.

Does the company specialize in property management?

Find out how long the company has been offering property management services. It could be a well-known real estate firm, but that doesn’t mean they specialize in property management too. It’s possible that the staff does not have adequate experience in this. You will find property managers who start off as an agent in the office, and then work their way up. That is not an ideal person. You need somebody who has specialized knowledge in this kind of job.

How long has the manager worked in the company?

Ideally, you should be dealing with just one person. In other words, you will know the name of the property manager who is looking after your estate. Make a few queries once that person is fixed. Find out how long that person has been working in the company. Property management is a stressful job, and so, there is high stuff turnover here. You need to be dealing with somebody long-term, so that the manager understands your property, needs, and concerns well. Also, what happens to your property when the manager goes on leave? Is there a back-up person who will take over? Will the company brief this person adequately, or will you have to do this on your own?

Is there a dedicated management arm?

Find out whether your property management firm has a dedicated management arm, or is this just a small side line for them to make some more money. A company with a dedicated arm will offer the complete service. You will know that they are serious about the job if they have a dedicated team just for property management. Also, find out the number of people in this team.


How many properties are managed by the company?

It is a good idea to find out how many properties your manager is managing personally. It is good to be experienced, but you don’t want a manager who has so much responsibility, that the person isn’t able to give your property the time it needs. You might be surprised to know that some property managers have to manage 200 houses.

How many days does the company work in a week?

Find out the number of days your property management Nashville firm will work in a week. The manager should show your property when it is convenient for a prospect. Plus, what happens if there is an urgent maintenance requirement on Sunday? Get answers to these questions.

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