Top 6 Tips for Retaining Tenants

Some rental homeowners and landlords have been battling tons of dilemmas involving both properties and tenants for years which include keeping their renters for a longer time. If some rental property landlords are not affected by the issues, there are a good number of them who find it hard to overcome. However, it is good to know that there are solutions you that can help minimize the worries and these solutions are quite easy to follow.

How to retain your tenants

1. Keep Track of the Property’s Condition

It is said that rental properties can only take so much beating. With this in mind, landlords are quick when it comes to maintaining the properties they put up for rent. Many owners of Knoxville rentals rent out properties for up to three years. Why three years? This is the time when some functionalities of the house start to get challenged by usage, weather conditions, and breakdown of some materials used in constructing rental property. Going beyond this point entails more money for repairs and a longer time before you get a new renter.

2. Do Some Personalization

It is a good idea if you try to make some personalized changes to your rental property. Make sure that the type of paint used on walls are neutral and some areas are functional with the next renter (or most of them) in mind. This idea makes renters see how they can make use of spaces and how they can create a pleasant environment out of your provisions.

3. Know the Importance of a Welcome Note

A small note telling them how happy you are to have them touches a renter’s heart deeply. Don’t forget to place your contact information so the time they want to get in touch with you, they’d be sure of being attended to. This gesture creates a good rapport between you and your renter as well.

4. Ensure Repairs are Taken Care of Using the Least Time Frame Possible

Always take into consideration your tenant’s complaints like a leaking faucet or roof, or even a bit of water damage issue. This shows your tenants that you don’t only care about your property and the monthly rent but also the property renter. And also, it would be a welcome idea to conduct repairs using the least time frame so as not to cause further inconvenience.

5. Be Clear on House Rules

Never blast a tenant for not following your rules as a landlord. Nobody would follow any rule if there were no rules set from the first time they set foot on your rental door. Knoxville property management experts are fully aware of this problem that’s why they are quick to declare a set of rules for the tenants to follow. If there are a few lines tenants do not understand, a little explaining does the trick.

6. Set Up a Perks System

A little perk goes a long way and this isn’t hard to provide tenants who pay on time or those who maintain their units just the way you expect them to do. You may choose to give them options like having their units repainted with their preferred color scheme, resigning or extending their lease, free carpet cleaning, or whatever perks you think they might take advantage of. Any of these tips can seal in good relationship with your tenants and can make them stay a bit longer than you previously expected. Always bear in mind the downsides you will encounter when units are vacant and think of long term rather than a few months of income if just to say the least.