The Benefits of Stevens Realty Tenant Asset Protect Renters Insurance

Asset Protect Renters Insurance meets your management company’s liability requirements and can cover your belongings.

Asset Protection

What is The Insurance Requirement For Your Home?

Stevens Realty LLC requires that you obtain insurance to protect the home against damages for which you are responsible due to fire, smoke, explosion, backup or overflow of sewer, and water.

What is Asset Protect Renters Insurance?

Stevens Realty Asset Protect Renters Insurance is insurance coverage designed to satisfy the insurance requirements of your home. Your property manager has chosen Asset Protect Renters Insurance and provided a low-cost rate to make it easy for you to meet these requirements.

How Do I sign up and What is The Qualification Procedure?

Simply initial the addendum included in your lease documents and you will be automatically enrolled at move-in. Your approval to live in the home automatically qualifies you to enroll in Asset Protect Renters Insurance.

Must I choose Asset Protect Renters Insurance?

No. You may choose any insurance provider to obtain the insurance coverage required under your lease. However, Asset Protect Renters Insurance is your management company’s preferred partner offering a low-cost option, pre-approval, and hassle-free enrollment.

Does Asset Protect Renters Insurance Cover my Personal Property?

Stevens Realty Asset Protect Renters Insurance includes a contingent personal property content coverage endorsement in the amount of $10,000.

If I Don’t Choose Asset Protect Renters Insurance, What am I Required To Do?

Initial the addendum in your lease documents, then furnish evidence that you obtained insurance through another carrier prior to occupancy of your home.

If you choose another carrier, you must:
1. List the management company as the Additional Interest.
2. Pay the premium in full (pre-pay premium for the term of the lease).
Failure to obtain this insurance, or letting it lapse, puts you in breach of your lease agreement.

Your management company may then purchase the required insurance on your behalf, and you will be responsible for reimbursement of all costs and expenses.

Damage Liability Coverage

$100k liability coverage for damages to the landlord’s property due to: Fire, Water, Smoke, Falling Objects, Collapse, Explosion, Pet Damage, Freezing of Pipes and Discharge or Overflow of Appliances

How Do I Pay My Asset Protect Renters Insurance Premium?

Your Asset Protect Renters Insurance premium will be itemized and included with your monthly rent payment for $14.99/month.

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