Utility Concierge: Stevens Realty All Bills Owners Guide

Stevens Realty All Bills Included Utility Concierge Service takes utilities off your plate by effectively managing vacancies during the turn process and streamlining the monthly billing process for the residents.

With Stevens Realty All Bills Included Utility Concierge Service, utilities always remain on which reduces the time, headache, and costs associated with every vacancy.

Stevens Realty All Bills Included Utility Concierge Service provides residents the ability to move right in after signing a lease without a single phone call to establish utilities or paying utility deposits. Every month, Stevens Realty invoice and collects directly from the resident. It’s the way utility management should be – simple.

Owners Guide To Stevens Realty All Bills Included Utility Concierge Service

Utility Concierge Service Benefits:

  • Reduce turn costs that can total $200/per vacancy
  • Eliminate utility late fees
  • Eliminate account turn with providers
  • Reduce days vacant
  • Better visibility into utility expenses
  • Bill and collect from residents
  • Cost-saving estimated final bill (EFB)
  • No need for your to be involved in setting up accounts
  • Asses Protection – utilities stay on and reduce risk of frozen pipes, damages to a home without another bullet

Any setup fees or deposits charged by utility companies. Remember, some utility deposits might be refundable. After this final payment for setup fees, you will no longer have to deal with turning utilities ‘on’ at your unit.

Resident defaults are invoiced to the PMC and pushed to the resident’s ledger to be collected with the following months rent. In the event that the PMC can’t collect, you will be responsible for paying the utility bill. The default rate is on par with your rent default rate.

Contact us or dial (931) 526-5188 for any questions with our all bill included utility concierge service.