Tenant Utility Concierge Service: What You Need To Know?

Our concierge service will assist in connecting your utilities prior to moving in to your rental home.

Stevens Realty Tenant Utility Concierge Service

Billing statement comes with a complete list of your utility service providers and you will receive up-to-date notifications to make sure you will not miss paying your bills on time. You will never have to worry about multiple due dates for your different bills.

Utility Concierge Setup

Stevens Realty tenant utilities concierge service will assist in connecting your utilities prior to moving into your rental home. Forget about the hassle of having to contact different utility companies to get things turned on prior to move in. Our Utility Concierge service is designed so that you have a quick move in experience with no hassles.

We will have everything turned on for you when you move in, we will charge a significantly lower utility hook up fee (generally between $150-$200 ) all you need to do is move in and we will let you know when your first bill is ready to be paid.

A monthly service fee of $9.95 will be itemized in your utility charges.

What Are The Benefits:

  • Financial savings of $150-$400 – big savings on utility hook up fees
  • See all your utility bills in one place
  • Receive one bill each month for all utilities
  • Never forget about your bill with friendly reminders
  • Easily pay online on our tenant portal
  • Enhanced move-in experience
  • Education and conservation information
  • Highly rated customer support
  • Full transparency with provider bill information

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